The Australian parliamentary Labor party (the current party of government) met at 7pm Canberra time yesterday to vote on the party’s leadership. The result being the return of Kevin Rudd to the Prime Ministership. Mr Rudd recently became an advocate of same-sex marriage, something the (now) former prime minister Julia Gillard was not.

Five hours later, at 10am Washington DC time, the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) ruled that the Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA) was unconstitutional on the grounds of equal protection. Same sex marriages in states where it is legal are to be treated as any other marriage federally.

The court also ruled in another case (Prop 8) that the party appealing the federal court’s decision had not standing to appeal, therefore the lower court’s decision to declare Proposition 8 unconstitutional in California stands, thus same sex marriage is again legal in that state… and with DOMA struck down the rights and benefits of marriage federally that flow.

In politics, law, or life, when change does not (or is not permitted to) occur smoothly, change can occur seismically.

I know that linking Kevin Rudd to SCOTUS is tenuous at best… but what the hell…

How Traditional is Traditional Marriage?

How traditional is a two person marriage?

How traditional is a sole male breadwinner?

How traditional is marriage for love?

How traditional is marriage as child protection?


Bonjour France

Last week New Zealand, this week France.

C’est à vous Julia or Tony

It appears that an amateur weather-watcher from England, published a paper on the effect on raised levels of CO2 on temperature (global warming). There is nothing strange in that these days; but what is interesting about this paper, is that it was published in magazine in April 1938


And now in New Zealand, everyone may marry the person they love.

over to you Julia Gillard… or Tony Abbott.


Well, what do you know?

The unchanging meaning of marriage?

A fascinating reflection on what marriage has meant throughout history, and how expanding the definition to include same sex couples, is (in historical terms) a minor change.

Homosexuality is the emotional or sexual attraction to someone of the same sex.

Acts of love (sex) between two adults of the same sex are almost always consensual. These acts and those who practice them are invariably condemned by almost all churches and religions – not the least by the Catholic church, who call for any and all kinds of sanctions against homosexuals.

Paedophilia is the sexual attraction of adults to children.

Acts stemming from this attraction (sex between adults and children) is almost never consensual. These acts are universally condemned by society in general, and is seen as criminal… but not by the Catholic church it seems.

It simply beggars belief.


Where the rules of a specific religion are given precedence over the rule of law, where religious custom supersedes morality, common sense, or even decency, there is the likelihood of this happening.

History has shown, theocracy does not work, especially for the benefit of the wider populace. It does not matter the religion, if a religion rules, it does not tolerate opposition, it does not tolerate scrutiny, it does not tolerate anything different from itself..

Though it may tolerate this – http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/02/02/saudi-preacher-spared-after-raping-killing-daughter/