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Ones life is a strange thing; it is experienced through shared culture and  by this,  many people, whether they know it or not, become intrinsic to ones life.

When someone who is near to us (personally, emotionally, culturally) dies, there is physical sensation in response to that news. The emotion of what this person meant to us, or our lives, manifests itself in physical form, often crying, and we miss them for who they were, if we knew them well, or miss what they may have given, beyond what we already had.

Such as it is with the passing of Michael Jackson, such as it is with someone who is emblematic of their time or their craft.

Is it greed to wish for more?

and in wishing for more, is it ingratitude for what we have?

Michael Jackson was to perform FIFTY concerts in London – all fifty concerts sold out in hours… and we are left to wonder what those concerts would have been like… what magic was he to present in London? we will never know, but we can have ideas of what it may have been like, for there are many performances recorded, his music, his impact on dance and choreography. THESE are the things we have, and these are the things that will live. These are his legacy.

Just as Michael Jackson, and other gone artists have left their legacy of images and sounds upon our lives, the same too is true of those who are closer to us personally. Memories of a parent preparing a meal, a photograph, video, audio recording, or just the sounds and images imprinted in the mind as memory – these are their legacy to us.

The memories we have of gone loved ones are the gifts they gave freely. They will have whatever meaning they have, but one day they can no longer be added to…

Is it greed to wish for more?

and in wishing for more, is it ingratitude for what we have?

I long for those who are gone, and what may have been.

I weep for the empty space in my heart their leaving has made… but

I look upon the walls of this ’empty space’ and I see the images they left.

This ’empty space’ is not a silent place, for their voice, their music is always there.

This ’empty space’ is not a hole in my heart… it is their gallery, their studio, where what they left and what it means to me lives, ageless, untouchable, incorruptible.

No matter if it is the greatest artist of the time, or a near relative or friend; while we may miss their absence, long for more of what they gave – we must celebrate what we have – that which has been given.


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