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I have read an article or two suggesting that homosexuality does exist not in the natural world, and is therefore not natural. While some animals engage in homosexual behaviour, so the argument goes,  animals are not homosexual, therefore homosexuality (as we understand it) is not natural, is solely a human phenomenon, and is rightly subject to all the prohibitions and sanctions it receives.

If the argument is that an activity or a lifestyle that is not recognised in the animal world is not natural, then I have a question…

Has anyone ever seen an animal practising religion?

Animals do not practise religion… taking the previous argument to its logical conclusion… If animals do not practise religion – religion (as it is understood) can not be natural.

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A friend of mine died suddenly last weekend. She was a confidant and supported me through challenging and difficult times. She had wisdom tempered by great humour; her smile was never a ‘sticker,  one that was applied for the moment or superficial. Her smile, every time she smiled, held something deeper… hers was a ‘lived-in’ smile – a smile that lived inside her and when she smiled a door opened to her heart, mind or spirit, and in the door was that smile waving from somewhere inside.

In the wake of my friend’s passing, I am finding it interesting that I find some comfort in the words I wrote last month… to paraphrase

When someone who is near to us dies, there is physical sensation in response to that news. The emotion of what this person meant to us, or our lives, manifests itself in physical form, often crying, and we miss them for who they were. The sounds and images imprinted in the mind as memory – this is her legacy to me.
The memories I have of my friend are the gifts she gave freely.

Is it greed to wish for more?
and in wishing for more, is it ingratitude for what I have?

I am grateful for the gifts I received from my friend; the confidence of her friendship, the learning from her wisdom, and the vision of her spirit and her smile. These gifts are ageless, untouchable, incorruptible, but always immediately accessable for they are kept in my mind, my spirit, and and my heart.

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