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Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, like other Catholic clergymen before him, has blamed homosexuality for the current child abuse.

The Pope has blamed modern society for the abuses

Homosexuality? Modern society?

Could clerical child abuse be among the church’s oldest ‘acts’?

The Didache, possibly the oldest known instruction to Church officials, says  they should not to seduce boys. This document dates back to about 100 AD. Clerical chaild abuse appears to have been an issue over 1900 years ago.

Canon 71 from the Council of Elvira – 309AD – says that clerics who sexually abuse young boys should be expelled from the church. Clearly clerical child abuse was a big issue in the 4th century… why else mention it?

While it is possible that most or all the books of the New Testament were first written before 100 AD; the Canon of the 27 books of the New Testament was not accepted or formalised as such until the 3rd Council of Carthage – around 397 AD – Books of the New Testament were first put into chapters in the 13th century, and verses first in the 16th century.

Clerical child abuse is not a new phenomenon – it is as old as the religion itself, which in turn tars all denominations.

If these abusers were not clerics, and their crimes were discovered, they would be arrested, charged, and if found guilty, jailed…. why is it different for clerics of any religion who commit such acts?

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