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Last week New Zealand, this week France.

C’est à vous Julia or Tony

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And now in New Zealand, everyone may marry the person they love.

over to you Julia Gillard… or Tony Abbott.


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Well, what do you know?

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US gun laws are a semi-automatic jaw dropper.

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In Australia, supermarket chains Coles and Woolworths appear to be nothing more than an extortion racket, and those outside the eastern seaboard are captive to them.

Independent supermarkets don’t have the power to properly challenge them, and politicians won’t legislate to challenge them.

From politics there is only spin and rhetoric that bemoans (lip service) the duopoly of Coles and Woollies. The only viable challenger to this situation is a chain that consistently has lower prices across the board… a chain like (the new kid on the block) Aldi, but Aldi will not let go of the security blanket of the Eastern states.

How does Aldi benefit by this?

Stories of how increased competition between the supermarket chains in the eastern states are regular occurrences on television. As the major networks are based in either Melbourne or Sydney, these stories include how Aldi are affecting the pricing of the behemoths Coles and Wollies. These stories, for those outside of the eastern states, do nothing more than to rub the faces of those struggling with grocery prices into their captivity of the two large chains.

The newspapers are the same. read a story in the local newspaper’s website, and there will be links to related stories in newspapers in other cities – like in Brisbane, or Sydney.

It is clear how Coles and Woolworths benefit by this arrangement. In places where there is no serious competition, they can price largely how they like… but put an aldi (or an Aldi-like) supermarket in place for competition, you get cheaper groceries.

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Every day the world turns, history follows its course, countries and governments rise and fall, and our eyes are focussed on what is happening in the here and now.

Suddenly echoes of momentous events long ago can be heard within the din of the contemporary, and the ghosts of those times tap us on the shoulder to point to what they did.

Versailles, and all what it may have stood for, is finally fulfilled on Sunday. The bill the allied powers imposed on Germany in 1919 will have been paid… and the dead can finally rest…. but can we?

What lessons have we learned from the newly fulfilled treaty?

What mistakes do we, to this day, repeat?

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I have read an article or two suggesting that homosexuality does exist not in the natural world, and is therefore not natural. While some animals engage in homosexual behaviour, so the argument goes,  animals are not homosexual, therefore homosexuality (as we understand it) is not natural, is solely a human phenomenon, and is rightly subject to all the prohibitions and sanctions it receives.

If the argument is that an activity or a lifestyle that is not recognised in the animal world is not natural, then I have a question…

Has anyone ever seen an animal practising religion?

Animals do not practise religion… taking the previous argument to its logical conclusion… If animals do not practise religion – religion (as it is understood) can not be natural.

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