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Homosexuality is the emotional or sexual attraction to someone of the same sex.

Acts of love (sex) between two adults of the same sex are almost always consensual. These acts and those who practice them are invariably condemned by almost all churches and religions – not the least by the Catholic church, who call for any and all kinds of sanctions against homosexuals.

Paedophilia is the sexual attraction of adults to children.

Acts stemming from this attraction (sex between adults and children) is almost never consensual. These acts are universally condemned by society in general, and is seen as criminal… but not by the Catholic church it seems.

It simply beggars belief.

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Where the rules of a specific religion are given precedence over the rule of law, where religious custom supersedes morality, common sense, or even decency, there is the likelihood of this happening.

History has shown, theocracy does not work, especially for the benefit of the wider populace. It does not matter the religion, if a religion rules, it does not tolerate opposition, it does not tolerate scrutiny, it does not tolerate anything different from itself..

Though it may tolerate this – http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/02/02/saudi-preacher-spared-after-raping-killing-daughter/

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While I am a strong adherent of the sentiments that are central to this season, good will to all, giving freely of oneself without expectation of return. etc. and that I see the season as the most human of times, separate and exclusive of any religious observance; As a religious skeptic I have issues about the Christmas story, specifically as it relates to the Christian story. In fact I find the story itself rather problematic.

Mary, supposedly a virgin, is visited by an angel who tells her she is pregnant by god, news which surprises Mary.
This in itself is a problem, for clearly the insemination appears to have been non-consensual. Mary is therefore a victim of an assault, that may actually be construed as rape.

Christians invoke god by saying things like god the father, god the son… this clearly suggests incest. If Jesus is god, then Jesus as god may have raped Mary for god as Jesus to be born –
send that one to the DNA lab!!

If a son marries his mother, does he become his own step-father?

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If we accept the premise as laid down in the Christian Bible about the birth of Jesus, then I have a question.

The child Jesus was not the product of both parents within the legal marriage.

Mary was (supposedly) married to Joseph, but Joseph was not Jesus’ father.

Mary was not legally married to god, who is reported to be the father… therefore –

Was Jesus a bastard?

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Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, like other Catholic clergymen before him, has blamed homosexuality for the current child abuse.

The Pope has blamed modern society for the abuses

Homosexuality? Modern society?

Could clerical child abuse be among the church’s oldest ‘acts’?

The Didache, possibly the oldest known instruction to Church officials, says  they should not to seduce boys. This document dates back to about 100 AD. Clerical chaild abuse appears to have been an issue over 1900 years ago.

Canon 71 from the Council of Elvira – 309AD – says that clerics who sexually abuse young boys should be expelled from the church. Clearly clerical child abuse was a big issue in the 4th century… why else mention it?

While it is possible that most or all the books of the New Testament were first written before 100 AD; the Canon of the 27 books of the New Testament was not accepted or formalised as such until the 3rd Council of Carthage – around 397 AD – Books of the New Testament were first put into chapters in the 13th century, and verses first in the 16th century.

Clerical child abuse is not a new phenomenon – it is as old as the religion itself, which in turn tars all denominations.

If these abusers were not clerics, and their crimes were discovered, they would be arrested, charged, and if found guilty, jailed…. why is it different for clerics of any religion who commit such acts?

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If patriarchal sexism punishes women for not being men, racism punishes people of colour for not being white, and homophobia punishes gay and gender variant for not being straight – does that mean that in some kind of (or someone’s) ‘perfect’ world, everyone would be white males… who are all exclusively heterosexual??

How would that work?

Diversity and difference makes this world tick, that is why we, to each other, should talk.
The sound of human history.

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I have read an article or two suggesting that homosexuality does exist not in the natural world, and is therefore not natural. While some animals engage in homosexual behaviour, so the argument goes,  animals are not homosexual, therefore homosexuality (as we understand it) is not natural, is solely a human phenomenon, and is rightly subject to all the prohibitions and sanctions it receives.

If the argument is that an activity or a lifestyle that is not recognised in the animal world is not natural, then I have a question…

Has anyone ever seen an animal practising religion?

Animals do not practise religion… taking the previous argument to its logical conclusion… If animals do not practise religion – religion (as it is understood) can not be natural.

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If the denial to gay and lesbian people of the right to marry is based upon a PERCEIVED threat to children – it must then stand to reason that those people who are ACTUALLY a threat to children, or who have who have been found GUILTY of ACTUAL child abuse, ought have their right to marry revoked.

In my opinion, if you take the Christian right’s arguments against marriage equality to their logical conclusion, then the right to marriage can be revoked on many levels. For example, a couple of old chestnuts… Claim – Marriage is about procreation. Logical conclusion – non-productive consummation of marriage is grounds for annulment of that marriage, as they have done damage to the institution as a conduit for procreation… another… Claim – The love between a man and a woman is special/sacred and must be treated as such. Logical Conclusion – Those found guilty of spousal abuse ought have their right to marry revoked, as they have done damage to the institution as a special/sacred loving union.

Religious rightists railing against marriage equality between hetero and homosexual people are not really interested in protecting’ marriage, nor are they really interested in protecting children, nor are they really interested in protecting the wellbeing of those in marriage. They are by their words, coupled by their lack of action in actually doing what they say they are defending, are simply protecting and defending their own ideology and positions of power.

The institution of marriage, of itself, does not create nor protect children, it does not protect those in a marriage from each other, nor does it elevate one class of couple’s love above another’s – for love simply is… The quality of, relevance of, protectiveness of, and the loving and nurturing nature of the institution of marriage can only be generated in the hearts and minds of those involved in such relationships. Such virtues are not the sole preserve of one class of person or couple, are not found in greater or lesser quantities in straight, gay, bi, or asexual people – but are intrinsic to individuals, and are amplified when coupled through love.

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