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In the US another report has been released dealing with an issue from the Bush administration. In this case, a report about the treatment of detainees in the so called war on terror, at places including Guantanamo Bay Cuba and  Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad.

I will not yet make comment on this report or the memoranda that were released by the Obama administration last week lest I speak too soon and other reports on the actions of the previous US President and his administration are released to a (now) not too disbelieving world.

With every disclosure on the behaviour of the Bush White House I think of just two things… That administration lead Australia and other countrys into an unnecessary and illegal war… and in the face if the illegality, imorallity of the things we are learing about the government of George W Bush, I can’t help thinking that his predecessor was impeached, hounded and publically condemned for having (and lying about having) a blowjob (oral sex).

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