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Irrespective of our individual politics, especially surrounding contentious issues in human life, it is refreshing to read articles that appear to base arguments on the real life situation, and not on twisted interpretations or outright baseless fear-mongering. I found it interesting having these points to ponder.

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Even when taking into consideration cultural differences between countries and religions, some issues around marriage in some countries are beyond my understanding. If marriage is supposed to be strictly heterosexual (a situation I disagree with), that its primary instigation is love, and its primary purpose is procreation (something else I disagree with); marriage would seem to be something that must be entered into by two adults… But, it seems, not always.

An eight-year old Saudi Arabian girl who was married off by her father to a 58-year-old man has been told she cannot divorce her husband until she reaches puberty.

The rights of women, the rights of children.

What is the use or point of marriage when this is permitted to stand?

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