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Whilst it may be within the rights of Americans to express hatred for a minority within their own country, and to extend that vitriol to their own country as a whole; it is an entirely different matter if that group begins to express their hatred for that same minority in other countries. To go further than this, and to condemn and wish misfortune on those countries; to try and enter such countries and incite the inhabitants of those countries, is to assume the position and to perform the acts of terrorists.

The so-called Westboro Church, a family of extreme fundamentalist Christians, whose fixation on homosexuality (or perceived homosexuality) appears to be well within the realms of psychotic. Their vitriolic and accusatory rants against anything, everything,  and everyone, is reduced into homophobic language that is almost pornographic in nature. This and their picketing activities in the US of funerals of US soldiers killed in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have now gone beyond the borders of the their own country and they are exporting their brand of terror.

They planned to picket a performance of The Laramie Project’ in England, but some members of this ‘church’ have been banned from entering the UK and If THIS is true, they plan an act that must border on incitement, and they ought be banned from Australia as well.

Such people are free to believe what they believe. If what they believe is fulfilling to them and enriches their lives, then I am happy for them, as should we all…  BUT what one believes and how one behaves around that belief are two different things. Condemning and attacking others (domestically and internationally) because they do not correspond to, behave in accordance with, or agree with your belief, is, in my mind, the kind of behaviour that the US and Australia (among other countries) are fighting a war in Afghanistan against.. but then the Westboro Church hates the US and Australia This so called church blackens not only the name of religion (as fundamentalists of any kind do), they tarnish the image of Americans internationally.

They are a Christian version of the Taliban, and irrespective of their beliefs, their behaviour must be opposed. If they attack your country with words, enter it to incite hatred – ban them!

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I have a question. What is the definition of psychotic?
If someone creates something for the purpose of hating it, or to destroy it for no reason, is that an act of a psychotic?

If god created homosexuality and homosexuals (if god created all things – then god must have created homosexuality), and god hates homosexuals and wishes them dead (according to the Westboro Wingnuts), then by that rationale, god must be psychotic…!

I cannot believe in a psychotic god.

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