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The political spirit of Adolf Hitler is alive and well in Zimbabwe

Democracy has been killed off through the intimidation and thuggish brutality of the military and supporters of Robert Mugabe. While brutality has often been employed to force people to vote for incumbent governments in regimes across the world and over time; it is that the current regime in Zimbabwe is able to manipulate the very systems that are in place to protect the democratic rights on top of the brutal treatment of the public, opposition and its supporters that appears to mirror prewar Nazi tactics.

The official election of March 29, was followed by an extremely extended period before any results were released. A highly suspicious action, which gave rise to suspicions of tampering or fixing of the results. According to reports at the time, the opposition suggested that they had won the election based upon unofficial results posted on the doors of poling places. They did not ‘claim’ victory as the Mugabe government had said that any premature claim of victory would be considered a coup d’etat. The result of all that was a planned run-off presidential election, which in turn commenced a greater level of violence and intimidation, and finally to the withdrawal of Morgan Tsvangirai from the run off, leaving Mugabe unelected but still legal leader of Zimbabwe.

Like Nazi Germany, there now does not seen to be even the facade of democracy, as illustrated by Mugabe Himself. He will not allow another party to govern Zimbabwe. In doing so he no longer becomes an elected leader, but a despot. He clearly has no interest in the plight of the Zimbabwean people, their right to freely choose their leader; leaving the country in ruin financially, and their leader a raving despot.

Zimbabwe, once the breadbasket of Africa, now a basket case – all because of one man.

How sad, how good could his legacy have been? The freedom fighter, liberator, inspiration across Africa.. will now be remembered only for destroying the country he founded.

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